Categories: Silica Gel, Sorbead R®

Safety Data Sheet

Product Description

Bead form of Alumino-Silicate
High density, Thermally stableSorbead R® is an alumino-silicate. Although we have listed it in our Silica Gel category, it is not truly a Silica Gel, nor is it a Molecular Sieve (another type of alumino-silicate). Sorbead R® is a high-density adsorbent capable of drying gases such as air, Carbon Dioxide, natural gas, Nitrogen and Oxygen to extremely low dewpoints in conditions that render other types of desiccant useless after a relatively short period of time. Rapid regeneration cycles? High pressure application? Wet inlet gas? Sorbead R® was made to perform in difficult environments under difficult conditions and to deliver high quality effluent gas as well as long service life.

Product Attributes


.0145 Inch


25 lb

Bulk Density, Loose

49 lb/ft3

Pore Volume

0.35 cm3/g

Total Volatiles

6.0% at 1750°F


Approx. 7

Avg. Surface Area

750 m2/gram

Avg. Pore Diameter


Equilibrium Water Capacity @ 25°C

@ 10% RH 6.4% Minimum %
@ 20% RH 10.7% Minimum %
@ 40% RH 22.7% Minimum %
@ 60% RH 33.3% Minimum %
@ 80% RH 36.3% Minimum %

Moisture Content as Shipped (measured @ 600°F)

<1.5 %