Categories: Silica Gel, Sorbead R®

Safety Data Sheet

Product Description

Bead form of Alumino-Silicate
High density, Thermally stableSorbead R® is an alumino-silicate. Although we have listed it in our Silica Gel category, it is not truly a Silica Gel, nor is it a Molecular Sieve (another type of alumino-silicate). Sorbead R® is a high-density adsorbent capable of drying gases such as air, Carbon Dioxide, natural gas, Nitrogen and Oxygen to extremely low dewpoints in conditions that render other types of desiccant useless after a relatively short period of time. Rapid regeneration cycles? High pressure application? Wet inlet gas? Sorbead R® was made to perform in difficult environments under difficult conditions and to deliver high quality effluent gas as well as long service life.

Product Attributes


.0145 Inch


1 lb

Bulk Density, Loose

49 lb/ft3

Pore Volume

0.35 cm3/g

Total Volatiles

6.0% at 1750°F


Approx. 7

Avg. Surface Area

750 m2/gram

Avg. Pore Diameter


Equilibrium Water Capacity @ 25°C

@ 10% RH 6.4% Minimum %
@ 20% RH 10.7% Minimum %
@ 40% RH 22.7% Minimum %
@ 60% RH 33.3% Minimum %
@ 80% RH 36.3% Minimum %

Moisture Content as Shipped (measured @ 600°F)

<1.5 %