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Safety Data Sheet

Product Description

The field of Bio Energy is rapidly expanding. Municipalities and private waste handlers are increasingly being called upon to utilize the Methane Gases generated at solid waste landfills and sewage treatment plants rather than directing this gas to "flare." Many waste processing sites are turning to the use of gas turbines in order to convert this gas to clean energy. Increasingly, the manufacturers of personal care items have included Siloxanes in the chemical formulation of these products. Sludge treatment facilities and newer landfills are now producing Methane gas that carries higher levels of Siloxane as a component. This Siloxane component of the combustion gas leaves microcrystalline Silica deposits on heat exchangers and the combustion surfaces of gas turbines. As a result, the manufacturers of gas turbines and reciprocating engines are now calling for the reduction of the presence of Siloxane in combustion gases in order to warranty their products. Microturbine and catalyst failures have focused industry-wide attention on Siloxanes.

Many adsorbents have been examined for this application. For a time, it was thought that Activated Carbon might be the best solution. In real-life applications of Activated Carbon, some drawbacks were revealed. Activated Carbon is combustible. The relatively low adsortion capacity that Activated Carbon exhibited in these applications meant that Siloxane breakthrough occurred quite quickly after installation (in some cases, only sixty-some days after fresh Activated Carbon was installed!). It was discovered that Silica Gel has a far greater adsorption capacity for Siloxanes than Activated Carbon. In applications where our Super Siloxane Adsorbent Silica Gel was substituted for Activated Carbon, it was found that the adsorbent bed life was far longer. In those sites where waste gas was used to regenerate the Super Siloxane Adsorbent Silica Gel, it was found that this product could not only remove Siloxanes (with a Siloxane Adsorption Capacity exceeding 110 mg/gram!): It also removed the water vapor inherant in all Biogas/Methane feedstock.

Super Adsorbent Siloxane Silica Gel is a granular (increased surface area), white (99.90+% pure silicon dioxide), 6X12 Mesh product. ADCOA makes this product available in every form of packaging from quart cans to Supersacks.

Product Attributes

Particle Size

6 x 12 US


100 lb

Bulk Density

45 lb/ft3

Pore Volume

0.43 cm3/g

Total Volatiles



Approx. 7

Avg. Surface Area

760 m2/gram

Avg. Pore Diameter


Equilibrium Water Capacity @ 25°C

@ 10% RH 7.2 Minimum %
@ 20% RH 12.4 Minimum %
@ 40% RH 24.9 Minimum %
@ 60% RH 35.0 Minimum %
@ 80% RH 38.0 Minimum %

Moisture Content as Shipped (measured @ 600°F)

<1.5 %