Desi-Pak Tyvek® Bags are made from a spunbonded olefin. Tyvek bags are made from high density polyethylene fibers, making them extremely tear-resistant. In addition, Tyvek is lightweight, flexible, smooth, low-linting, and is resistant to water, chemical abrasion, and aging. Desi-Pak® is a dimensionally stable, chemically inert, aluminum silcate clay packaged in non-dusting, air permeable bags. The internal structure of this clay is a network of microscopic pores that attract and hold water through physical adsorption. Desi-Pak® remains dry and will not soften or liquefy even at full water saturation. It is non-corrosive and can be placed in direct contact with metal parts. The Desi-Pak® Tyvek® bag is approved for use in a Class 100 Clean Room environment. Exceeds requirement of MIL-D-3464D

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