The field of Bio Energy is rapidly expanding. Municipalities and private waste handlers are increasingly being called upon to utilize the Methane Gases generated at solid waste landfills and sewage treatment plants rather than directing this gas to “flare.” Many waste processing sites are turning to the use of gas turbines in order to convert this gas to clean energy. Increasingly, the manufacturers of personal care items have included Siloxanes in the chemical formulation of these products. Sludge treatment facilities and newer landfills are now producing Methane gas that carries higher levels of Siloxane as a component. This Siloxane component of the combustion gas leaves microcrystalline Silica deposits on heat exchangers and the combustion surfaces of gas turbines. As a result, the manufacturers of gas turbines and reciprocating engines are now calling for the reduction of the presence of Siloxane in combustion gases in order to warranty their products. Microturbine and catalyst failures have focused industry-wide attention on Siloxanes.

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