SKU: MS5A018

Categories: Molecular Sieves, Type 5A

Safety Data Sheet

Product Description

Type 5A Molecular Sieve is typically used to separate normal paraffins from branched-chain and cyclic hydrocarbons through a selective adsorption process. Type 5-A will adsorb those molecules having a critical pore diameter of less than five angstroms. e.g.: Methanol, Ethane and Propane. The calcium form of Zeolite.

Product Attributes


4×8 Beads

Packaging Container

300 lb

Bulk Density

45 lb/ft3

Nominal Pore Size


Type of Crystal Structure

Simple Cubic

Equilibrium Water Capacity @ 25°C

21.5 %

Crush Strength (beads)


Heat of Adsorption (max.)

1800 BTU/lb H2O

Moisture Content as Shipped (measured @ 600°F)

<1.5 %