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Categories: Molecular Sieves, Type 3A

Safety Data Sheet

Product Description

Type 3A will adsorb those molecules having a critical pore diameter of less than three angstroms. e.g.: Helium Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide. It it also the preferred Molecular Sieve adsorbent for the commercial dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbon streams such as cracked gas, propylene, butadiene and acetylene. The potassium form of Zeolite.Type 3A Molecular Sieve is recommended for drying unsaturated hydrocarbons and highly polar compounds such as methanol and ethanol. The 3A structure is particularly effective in dehydrating the inner space of insulating glass windows as well as refrigerant gases.

Nominal Pore Diameter: 3
Molecules Excluded: > 3 effective diameter, e.g. ethane
Base: Alumina-Silicate
Cation: Potassium

Product Attributes


4×8 Beads

Packaging Container

300 lb

Bulk Density

44 to 46 lb/ft3

Nominal Pore Size


Type of Crystal Structure

Simple Cubic

Equilibrium Water Capacity @ 25°C

21 %

Crush Strength (beads)


Heat of Adsorption (max.)

1800 BTU/lb H2O

Moisture Content as Shipped (measured @ 600°F)

<1.5 %