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Categories: Humidity Indicator Cards, Molecular Sieves, Silica Gel

Safety Data Sheet

Product Description

Meets the current Military Standard, MS20003-2 that is approved by all Governmental Agencies, the Department of Defense and NATO for using in Method II packaging.

The MS20003-2 Humidity Indicator Card is the most widely used spot indicator in our industry. When all spots are in the "blue" condition, the Relative Humidity is less than 30% and corrosion or damage caused by moisture will not occur. As humidity increases above 30% RH, the appropriate spot will change from "blue" to "pink". The MS20003-2 Humidity Indicator Card is printed with instructions to the user, i.e.: at 40% RH "Change Desiccant if Pink". As is the with all Humidity Indicator Cards we offer, the color change feature is fully reversible. A card that has changed to the "pink" (humid) condition will return to the "blue" (dry) state when fully activated desiccant packs of the appropriate size are installed in the protective packaging.

Cards are packaged in re-sealable containers with desiccant for extended shelf life. Each of these cards are accurate to a plus or minus 5% relative humidity at 75°F.

Note: These cards have been impregnated with a chemical that may cause corrosion of some metals. We recommend that the card not be placed in direct contact with metal objects.

Product Attributes


Mil-I-8835 and Mil-P-116 Method II


2 x 3 Inch

Cards per Can


Container Weight

1 lb

Indicating Spots

Top 50% Humidity
Middle 40% Humidity
Bottom 30% Humidity