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Categories: Activated Charcoal, Grade AC

Safety Data Sheet

Product Description

Activated Charcoal is commonly used throughout the health physics industry as an air sampling trap. Contaminates adsorbed on the Activated Charcoal can be quantitatively determined and them compared to NIOSH Standards.

Activated Charcoal is used to adsorb trace quantities of contaminates, such as pesticide, from solvents. It is the ideal oil mist removal agent for compressed air. It is also the preferred adsorbent for the trapping of hydrocarbons in inert gas streams.
Coconut shell based Activated Charcoal.
Activation Metho - High temperature steam
Adsorption Characteristics - High efficiency removal of organic compounds in liquid or gas phase

Product Attributes

Particle Size

6 x 12 US Mesh
Custom particle sizes available upon request
x8 US Mesh


25 lb


Approx. 0.45 to 0.55g/ml (28-34 lbs/cu ft) ASTM D-285

Activity (CCL4)

ASTM D-3467 55% Minimum

Ash Content

4% maximum

Moisture Content

5% maximum weight, as packed ASTM D-2867

Total Sulfur Content

0.1% maximum by weight

Bulk Density

30 lb/ft3

Specific Surface Area

1200 M2/gram

Iodine Number

1050 MG/G